Pharmacy update: we have switched Homecare high cost drug provision from Lloyds  to Sciensus. This will involve a transition period over the next few months where you may still have outstanding deliveries from Lloyds whilst all patients  prescriptions move across. Apologies for any inconvenience during this transition.

If you have not had a delivery from Sciensus yet, you will unfortunately not know which company holds your current prescription. So for the next few months when arranging a delivery we ask that you contact  Lloyds first (Tel 0345 2636 123) followed by  Sciensus if Lloyds unable to help (Tel 0333 103 9499). If you experience any problems  please then contact your clinical team. Once you receive a delivery from Sciensus you will not need to contact Lloyds again.

We have experienced delays due to staffing shortages at both Homecare companies, so please plan your next delivery when you still have  3-4 weeks of medication left to avoid being left short.

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North Devon Paediatric Network clinic

Here in Devon we are lucky to live in an extraordinary Geographical location – however this does lead to challenges in providing accessible quality care for all. In order to try and meet those needs and keep travel times to a minimum the Exeter CF team links very closely with the North Devon Paediatric Network team to collaboratively provide both inpatient and outpatient care to those living in the North Devon area. The small numbers of CF families living in the area ensures that the local team knows each family well and is able to tailor the service to their needs.

The local team provide a monthly clinic plus drop in service together with twice monthly joint clinics with the Exeter CF Centre team.

Dr Dermot Dalton was appointed in 2012 as Consultant Paediatrician with an interest in Respiratory and Cystic Fibrosis. He has a keen interest in education and research. He is responsible for medical assessment and decision making locally, collaborating closely with the Exeter CF centre team.

Helen Speedy is the local lead for  CF physiotherapy and aims to support families and children to carry our physiotherapy  in line with National CF Standards of care. She will be available during outpatient clinics , for home visits when needed and during admissions to hospital.

Jan Williams is the local CF specialist nurse to provide support to children and their families about all aspects of their CF both in Outpatients , in the community and during any admissions to hospital. Her role includes providing specific advice, support and education tailored to your family’s needs. She also performs any specific nursing procedures when required  such as care of intravenous lines, gastrostomy care, checking drug levels etc depending on your childs needs.