Pharmacy update: we have switched Homecare high cost drug provision from Lloyds  to Sciensus. This will involve a transition period over the next few months where you may still have outstanding deliveries from Lloyds whilst all patients  prescriptions move across. Apologies for any inconvenience during this transition.

If you have not had a delivery from Sciensus yet, you will unfortunately not know which company holds your current prescription. So for the next few months when arranging a delivery we ask that you contact  Lloyds first (Tel 0345 2636 123) followed by  Sciensus if Lloyds unable to help (Tel 0333 103 9499). If you experience any problems  please then contact your clinical team. Once you receive a delivery from Sciensus you will not need to contact Lloyds again.

We have experienced delays due to staffing shortages at both Homecare companies, so please plan your next delivery when you still have  3-4 weeks of medication left to avoid being left short.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In response to the Government announcement regarding the universal use of face coverings for those attending or visiting hospitals from Monday 15 June 2020, the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Trust now requests all patients and visitors to wear a face covering when coming into the hospital for any purpose.

Current updated advice, on attending the hospital for any appointment, we will continue to require that a face covering is used for all staff and patients ( children if tolerated) – we will issue you with a surgical face mask to replace your own face covering on admission. Staff are now able to remove masks in non-patient facing environments when able to be socially distanced.

We have however been able to return to some face to face lung function testing when home monitoring devices are not felt to provide sufficient information or to support technique in well ventilated areas.

Updated May 2022

Rachel Elderkin demonstrating PPE

Rachel demonstrating PPE!