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Changing Schools

Children usually move from primary to secondary school when they are 11 years old. Schools may expect children to become more independent with their treatment as well as in other matters, for example, to take care of their own Creon. Children will still need to attend outpatients for regular review every 6-8 weeks. If children need to spend time in hospital, they may be able to have work sent in from their own school or attend the hospital school. New treatments may be added to keep the children well and to maintain lung function and growth which need to be factored into the school day .

Key useful advice

  • Exercise remains a very important part of keeping well.
  • Discuss the change of schools with the team. The CF Nurses will be able to help with this transition
  • Try to encourage children to start to take an interest in their treatments
  • It is important that children have a few friends and staff members who know about their CF – we can help you with how to share any news if you are not sure whilst helping maintain confidentiality
  • Children with CF should be able to participate in usual school activities –please discuss any queries/ concerns with your CF team if planning activities that you are worried may pose an infection risk to them

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