Pharmacy update: we have switched Homecare high cost drug provision from Lloyds  to Sciensus. This will involve a transition period over the next few months where you may still have outstanding deliveries from Lloyds whilst all patients  prescriptions move across. Apologies for any inconvenience during this transition.

If you have not had a delivery from Sciensus yet, you will unfortunately not know which company holds your current prescription. So for the next few months when arranging a delivery we ask that you contact  Lloyds first (Tel 0345 2636 123) followed by  Sciensus if Lloyds unable to help (Tel 0333 103 9499). If you experience any problems  please then contact your clinical team. Once you receive a delivery from Sciensus you will not need to contact Lloyds again.

We have experienced delays due to staffing shortages at both Homecare companies, so please plan your next delivery when you still have  3-4 weeks of medication left to avoid being left short.

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Patient Resources

CF Trust Database Consent Forms

The UK CF Registry is a secure centralised database supported and managed by the CF trust. The data is used confidentially,  with your consent, to improve the health of people with CF through research, quality improvement and monitoring of new drugs. It is also used by commissioners to support the amount of local funding recieved by each centre to allow us to care better for the needs of the local population.

You will be asked if you are happy to consent to your data being added to the registry at the time of diagnosis, at the point of transition to adult services and occaisionally at other times. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Please click on the link to access more information on the CF trust website  including detailed patient information leaflets or ask your team for more information.

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